By Peter Kelly

This page is for Ben.  There are a lot of articles on the Williams Today Pages that Ben feels would be helpful for new glider pilots to read — especially about the weather forecasting for soaring.  This is a list of some recent postings that discuss weather and soaring conditions in the Williams Soaring Center flying area. Posting here are listed in reverse chronological – most recent on top of this list.

Training articles on the Forum

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Picking the right day (9/8/19) to practice cross-country soaring

  • …This posting is about how to plan ahead. Fly on the good days. You need to…
  • …Monitor the various forecast tools. You should…


soaring saturday 31 aug?

  • …and followed nice convergence line south to Bessa Tower, exactly as RASP predicted. Never got out of glide home. Why the forecast was accurate south bound and not north i have no idea. I flew back north as far as Goat south to …


Soaring Friday 8/2/19

  • I practiced my final glide calculations by going from Goat directly to the Gold Mines, keeping WSC within glide, then pushed SW after a climb and then did a quick task to Dunnigan – again keeping WSC within glide at all times.
  • A detailed review of a flight always has the potential to improve the decision making on my next flight.


Soaring on 7/14
The “monday morning quarterback” report. As I look back at the fcst RASP’s I see they were not that far off. Those pesky cloud bases were certainly present – as was in the forecast. I slipped the surly bonds of earth by getting a tow by Rex to the singular cu near the Goat South TP. Wind was out of the south at 6,500 ft – where’d that come from? But I finally got up to 9,000 and headed north. It was….


1002km from Williams (Alex & Kempton)
I finally had some time to put down some words and pictures from my amazing flight with Kempton 2 weeks ago. To be completely honest, I think I must have missed 90% of the details in this post, but 10 hours in the air is hard to capture without writing a novel.


Soaring on 7-5-19
This post is not a thermal alert about an exceptional day… just another average day at WSC.
But, Kempton’s accomplishment yesterday is motivational – to be sure.


Thermal Alert: Sat June 29
Late spring conditions continue and this Saturday is a great example. A light front passes Friday eve, leaving behind enough moisture and instability for what looks to be a long distance Saturday


Thermal Watch Jun 14-17 Fathers Day Wknd
This coming Fri thru Mon looks very good with strong heating, within a week of the summer solstice, light winds and most important, good moisture (700mb moisture):


Solar Energy at Williams, why winter thermals are weak


Fri May 10: Wave Alert



End, for now – 9/9/2019


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