11 Newsletters

By Peter Kelly

The VSA has always had a newsletter.  It has three phases to its “life”.  From 1985 through 1987 it was simply called “The Newsletter”  – printed on bond paper, copies made at the local print shop and mailed bi-monthly to each member via the US Postal Service.  Phase two began the Windsock era, and in 2003 Glider Pilot Tom Jue ushered in a period of ultra-professional looking publications.  With the advancement in the field of Information Technology (IT), we discontinued the newsletters entirely after 2010, relying now on various ubiquitous electronic screens.


In the late 80’s Gordon and Virginia Humphrey took over, and renamed the newsletter “The Windsock”, and regularly mailed to each of the 150 members every other month.  In the early 2000’s Tom Jue was taking glider lessons at WSC , and his enthusiasm was rampant.  At first he was sharing stories on the Williams Today Forum, describing the trials and tribulations of learning to be a glider pilot.  A short time later he volunteered to write, edit and publish the VSA Newsletter.  Tom became an expert at photography, invested an inordinate amount of time to learn Adobe Photoshop and became skilled at newsletter publishing.  Take a look at these newsletters, they are works of art.  There are ten newsletters, two of which are in two parts.  Eight are downloadable as Adobe PDF files, the other two (March 2003, and May 2008) are presented as web pages.



Updated 2/2/2020

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