Formed in Vacaville, CA in 1985 the VSA (Valley Soaring Association, originally Vacaville Soaring Association) has been fully operational ever since.  Our home gliderport was originally Lagoon Valley Soaring, but since 1993, we operate from Williams Soaring Center (WSC), in the Sacramento Valley, California.

The VSA doesn’t have a product to sell and we provide no services. We are simply sharing. We exist because we all enjoy the sport of soaring, also called “flying gliders/ sailplanes”. On a typical day we takeoff from the gliderport about noon and land back home again four or five hours later. We share stories about how far we went, where we visited, and discuss how easy/ or difficult it was on that day.


Many of us own our own ships, but many also rent the state of the art ships that fly.  Besides the rentals, we rely on our host (WSC) for getting into the air via a tow from a powered airplane. There are a few gliders that do have have an engine that will get them started on their glider flight, but they are the exception.

For those not familiar with gliders, simply use the search engine on the internet – for example put “gliders and sailplanes” into the google search. You’ll find more than enough examples, in the form of photos, videos and assorted links.

We fly to enjoy the challenge of traveling hundreds of miles, and remaining aloft for five or six hours at a time, all this after releasing from a tow into the air which lasts about 15 minutes. Just like eagles and condors, we are able to use the rising air currents to remain aloft virtually all day long.

Try it yourself

Most of us fly gliders with only a single seat, but if you want to try your hand at it, or are interested in just taking a ride as a passenger, then contact WSC – they have a staff of professional instructors and a fleet of very modern gliders.

Outlook for Soaring

From its inception the VSA has always been an important part of the infrastructure in the local community of glider pilots, effectively publicizing and promoting the sport of soaring. The outlook for the Sport of Soaring is strong.

Outlook for VSA

The VSA has served as an effective promotion vehicle for our host gliderport – WSC   The VSA continues to serve as the social network that brings people together at the gliderport.  We have well planned events throughout the year such as glider races, BBQ’s, guest speakers and seminars, complete with full audio-visual support.  Annual meeting are held and new Officers are regularly elected to the VSA Board of Directors.

Outlook for this VSA web site

Our host – Williams Soaring Center (WSC) has continuously improved their web tools and their presence on the internet.  Although these VSA web pages have served effectively in the past, this VSA site has become redundant and now has little use as a news vehicle.  Communications, flight reports, etc., are all efficiently accomplished via the WSC web site at: http://www.williamssoaring.com  In August 2019, this VSA web site was reduced from a few hundred web pages down to about 20 active pages. Several notable articles and pages are currently maintained and future content will be as directed by the VSA Board of Directors.


VSA Home

Page last revised: 8/22/2019
Questions/ Concerns/ Suggestions should be addressed to current officers of the VSA
Teddy/Cora: VSA Secretary, email or phone 530-473-5600
Alternate contact
Noelle: WSC Owner, email or phone 530-473-5600


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