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Organized in 1985, “VSA” was originally the logo of the Vacaville Soaring Association (VSA), but since we moved away from Vacaville in the 90’s and relocated in the Sacramento Valley, the “VSA” logo now represents the Valley Soaring Association (VSA).

We fly gliders/ sailplanes, either privately owned or ships that are rented from Williams Soaring Center (WSC).  If you want to see what gliding and soaring is all about, browse our many VSA pages – see the list of over 100 of our web pages in the column to the right.  If you want to take a flight or learn to fly, then contact WSC. Although many of our members do own their own gliders privately, the VSA does not own or operate any gliders or tow planes.  We do not provide instruction.  We are strictly a social organization. Our web presence was initially established in order to promote the sport, and particularly to lend support to Rex Mayes, then working for is father, at what used to be Lagoon Valley Soaring and has now morphed into the proud and professional organization of WSC.  Rex is fulfilling the vision he has maintained since his 20’s and The VSA continues to proudly support that vision.

In operation for over 30 years, the VSA is thriving.  Our primary means of communication between members is via The Forum, which is maintained by WSC.  Messages and announcements independent of the Forum are sent directly to members when appropriate.  The VSA maintains a web presence, and pages are updated as needed.

Note: A BIG thank you to a great friend of VSA, Larry Roberts, an IT professional who’s assistance has been invaluable in the maintenance of this VSA web site.

Contact our current club Secretary, Cora, if you are interested in becoming a member of VSA, or just want more info:

Cora Knowles, VSA Secretary
Phone: 530-473-5600

Alternate Contact:

Noelle Mayes, Williams Soaring Association
2668 Husted Road
Williams, CA 95987
PHONE: 530-473-5600, FAX: 530-473-5315


VSA currently maintains two domains

http://www.valleysoaring.net/ and http://www.valleysoaring.net

Page last revised: 07/07/2019
Questions/ Concerns/ Suggestions should be addressed to webmaster Peter Kelly
Email is gliding@sonic.net


Possible re-write of this page…

We fly gliders/ sailplanes. We get towed into the air by a power plane, release at a safe altitude and then we ride the rising air currents – typically for hours at a time, very often traveling hundreds of miles before we return home.

It’s just plain fun! and exciting, and challenging, and etc.  The purpose of this page is simply a “show and tell” – show you what we do and tell you who we are.  We’re just sharing info with you.  Read the pages – visit the WSC site, come join us at the airport.

Operating continuously for over 30 years, the VSA was organized in 1985 in Vacaville Ca, and now we’re located in the Sacramento Valley. We keep our privately owned airplanes (gliders), as well as rent gliders and get our tows at Williams Soaring Center (WSC). Browse the pages on our web site (mostly in the form of blogs) to learn more about this fascinating sport and then visit the WSC web site HERE.

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