By Peter Kelly

The VSA has always had a newsletter.  From 1985 through 1987 it was simply called “The Newsletter”  – printed on bond paper, copies made at the local print shop and mailed bi-monthly to each member via the US Postal Service.

Gordon Humphrey, enthusiastically preparing for the FAA flight test for his rating as a glider pilot, along with Virginia, his fiancee at the time, took over the production of the newsletter.  Gordon, credentialed as a mechanical engineer, member of President Regan Administration, and world traveler along with his wife to be were a boon to the VSA.   They named the newsletter “The Windsock”, and the bi-monthly printing was put together with boiler plate overlays and copies were printed and mailed to each of the 150 members – all very much state of the art in those times.  Unfortunately, we didn’t use very much digital media back in those days, and thus few copies have been preserved.

I served as editor and publisher for several years after career changes for Gordon and Virginia demanded just about all their time, and then along came Tom Jue.

Tom was taking lessons at WSC in the early 2000’s, and his enthusiasm was rampant.  At first he was sharing stories on the Williams Today Forum, describing the trials and tribulations of learning to be a glider pilot.  A short time later he volunteered to write, edit and publish the VSA Newsletter.  A practicing CPA, Tom took the time to learn Adobe Photoshop and newsletter publishing styles.  Take a look at some of these works of art.  They are truly products of love.  At first they were printed on paper and distributed, but when I started the VSA domain pages at we began to publish on the web.  Tom would send me the document via email and I converted it to a web page.  One of the early versions was March 2003 which you can find on one of the menu tabs above.  Later on, Tom used the Adobe PDF formats, and we simply loaded those onto our web site for your enjoyment.  Be sure to visit the many newsletter pages to see some great writing and marvel at the multilayered graphic works of art.  Also, look for Tom’s name on many of the extraordinary photo albums, found throughout this web site.


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