Race Day 5

Held on 16 May 2015.

Summary copied from Williams Today, as posted by John Cochrane:

A fun day. It started very weak, just barely hanging on to Walker, despite lots of clouds. Actually, not hanging on, getting flushed out a few times and clawing back up. At the start, about 5,500′ clouds turning in to a nice line down to Beryessa towers. Halfway to Crazy Creek it finally dawned on me that we were going to outrun the task, so the philosophy changed from race to take your time and figure out how to hit the back of the Cylinders. Crazy Creek was a bit OD — lots of clouds, not much lift. Sergio and I worked a few knots coming off the ridge W of CC. Then the big decision, 4,500′ and how do you get out of Crazy Creek? Fortunately just at the point of “I have to turn back now” a good one came along. (Sergio’s trace shows the same thermal.) The rest of the task was easy. I finished williams and then was able to climb back out, on to the ridge and do towers and back again under a gorgeous convergence line. The weather started weaker than forecast, but ended up much better. The forecast cirrus did not show up, the OD stayed reasonably capped, and spreadout did not happen. As usual, it was great under convergence lines, and much weaker everywhere else. Fun day. Thanks Rex for sending us to Crazy Creek. There is no way I would have gone there otherwise!

John Cochrane BB

The results for the day and the cumulative standings, as posted by Noelle:

r-5 results

r-5 cumulativeend

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