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First we need to know the placards that are in the ship.  These are the manufacturer recommended and approved checklist and factual data.

Secondly, I will offer some of my personal versions of checklists, and personal version that are proposed by other pilots as well – hopefully other will contribute their ideas.



Starting with the one on the underside of the front canopy.













Also in the Manual  as reproduced here:














The Pre Take-off Check Placard:
















Personal versions of checklists

As I said in a previous page, I use CBSIFTCB for Pre Take-off, but since this ship has an engine I have added an E

  • E – Engine first five items of engine start checklist
  • C
  • B
  • S
  • I
  • F
  • T
  • C
  • B


Engine start checklist inflight (first five items)  No actions will occur, since the Power-plant switch is off!

  • change over switch – Forward
  • fuel valve  – Open
  • ILEC – Off
  • Prop Extend – Extend (up)
  • Ignition – On


Here is a PDF copy of the checklist I used for my Schleicher 26E


Here are some screen saves of a few pages of my ash26-ver-p checklist:

Page 4  and page 8…























I plan to insert checklists on these pages, and Pilots may copy them off this web site, then print them to whatever size they choose, and even laminate them if they want.

Pre flight cards – right out of the manual
























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