UNISYS and RASP 7/8/2018

an example of using both UNISYS and the RASP to flight plan your task.  See Williams Today posting about this flight:

The UNISYS charts 36 hour forecasts:  300 mb, 500 mb, 700 mb all for 5 PM on 7/8/2018






RASP charts the night before the flight: H Crit, BL Top, Surface Winds, Convergence line,








Winds at 700 mb and the cross section as it crosses Yolla Peak (the night before, a 21 hour forecast):


The next morning – 9 hour fcst, and little has changed:





Soundings at Goat and at Yolla Peak







Based upon the above what should  I have flight planned and where did I go?

This is what I said the night before the flight, based on reading the charts displayed above:

Flight planning tonight for tomorrow’s flight. Flying with my son PJ on this flight.
High moved in from the east – as was in the 3 day forecast and the low is moving northerly.

The RASP looks OK for tow a bit after 12:30 with a turn around past T-16… maybe at Hay Peak TP ?

Coming south, after a comfortable turnaround we’ll have a easy run down to Goat.

After the flight, I  posted this:

I asked Jerry to take us to Tree Farm at 7k, knowing that was probably the top of the lift, with nothing over Goat, so I’d be needing to head straight to St John after a short climb.

My track was the same as my proposed flight plan (flight recorder quit working as we approached M6 when coming home).





It was an easy day to fly, if yo had studied the RASP.

I even looked at the print out of the convergence line in flight, just to remind myself of the correct line of lift.


The only cloud in the sky was predicted by the wind cross section near Yolla and the Yolla Sounding








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