Used for Montague and Truckee

Since VSA members sometimes fly at Montague and Truckee, I have created this page to include links specific to those locations.

Links specific to Truckee

Links specific to Montague

Boundary Layer Information Prediction – BLIP MAP

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction – RASP

  • Hollister Weather page
    • RASP for Byron and south – be sure to look at the products under the “Loop” column – very impressive! – especially if you observe the convergence lines! How easy is to follow those lines? I hope it doesn’t take the ‘joy of discovery’ out of soaring for you. With those products, you can really decide where you may be capable of traveling to.
    • RASP for Sierra Range
      • Links to other BLIP pages:
        • BLIP Overview Page – Select “Regional Maps” for charts with descriptions.
        • BLIP Viewer – For California and Nevada (Important Note: If you are not able to load an image from this link – first go to the above link (BLIPMAP Overview Page), and Register!, and then you will be able to use this shortcut link.
        • NAM/ETA Model BLIPMAP – Scroll down on this page see NEWS, Info on registration, maps, etc, selection of products, descriptions, etc.


Soundings –

Current data, Webcams, TFRs

Forecast Chart Models –

  • Golden Gate
    • NCEP upper air charts. Use the /GFS model/ North America/ Loop All/ for 18Z, for whichever product you want to review.
      • The 700 mb product is 10.000 ft and indicates heavy moisture in dark green, and has wind arrows.
      • The 500 mb is 18,000 ft and indicates steering forces with vorticity in colors, and has wind arrows.
  • Wunderground
    • – See tabs – Current, Forecast, Models, etc. This site is better than UNIYSYS charts as listed next (RUC, NGM, NAM, etc)…

NWS Forecasts by Zone, in Text format –

Soaring Forecast for Reno

Sat Photos

Conversion of C to F

Conversion/ equivalents of temps C to F. Some memorable pairs:
10C=50F 15=59 28=82 35=95 40c=104f
or recall any one of these references:

20=68, 25=77, 30=86, etc.

To adjust, add 1.8 to the F for each 1 deg change in C
The Relationship: each change of 5C, equals a change of 9F

Other weather pages


Daily Wx Briefing for Truckee 2013


  • Big picture
  • Local wx
  • Task area wx
  • Hazards for the day
  • Getting back into Truckee Basin

Big picture

  • Pressure patterns – Highs and Lows
  • Moisture patterns – Visible moisture sat images

Local Wx

  • Temps and winds for the day
  • Expected conditions at 6 PM
  • Summary of the Reno Briefing sheet.

Max altitude
Soaring index
Outlook for area
Sunset time

Task area Wx

  • Thermal Updraft Velocity
  • BS Ratio
  • H Crit
  • BL top
  • BL Wind
  • BL Max Up/Down (Convergence)
  • Cu cloudbase – pot>0
  • OD Potential
  • CAPE

Hazards – circular pattern all causing poor judgment

  • Dehydration
  • Hypoxia
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Dehydration

Selected sounding for our task area

#38-Mt Lassen
#55-Soldier MeadowN1
#01-Truckee Airport
#23-Freel Peak
#49-Rawe Peak
#70-White Mtn Peak
#34-Mamouth Lakes Airport

(Printer needed to produce two print outs of each of the above – about 20 printouts per day.  One set will be on display for pilots to review in plastic sleeves – after the briefing, the other set will be used during the briefing.)



Waypoints – as copied from Soaringweb on July 8, 2013 –  Contest points 01 to 72

**                   Control Points for Truckee, California                    +
**                                                                             +
**                        Region 11 Combined FAI, 2013                         +
**                                                                             +
**                      Contributed by Sergio Colacevich                       +
**                                                                             +
**                      Contribution date was 30 May 2013                      +
**               File created Monday, 08 July 2013 at 20:40 GMT                +
1,39:19.516N,120:07.919W,5900F,TSFHA,01 TRUCKEER1,02/20   22.8
2,39:19.500N,120:05.900W,6163F,SF,02 Gate     ,Gate
3,39:54.700N,120:05.950W,8197F,T,03 AdamsPKU7,E Frncmn Lk
4,39:52.220N,119:42.120W,4300F,TA,04 AirSalgR1,03/21 122.9
5,38:44.160N,119:45.970W,5867F,TA,05 AlpinCtR3,17/35   22.9
6,39:28.080N,117:11.720W,5730F,TA,06 Austin R3,36/18   22.9
7,38:00.610N,118:16.480W,6280F,T,07 Basalt U7,
8,40:35.900N,116:52.500W,4530F,TA,08 BttlMtnR1,702-635-2245
9,37:22.390N,118:21.820W,4120F,TA,09 Bishop R2,07/25   23.0
10,38:12.773N,119:00.133W,8464F,T,10 Bodi     ,
11,38:15.750N,119:13.540W,6470F,TA,11 BrdgprtR2,16/34 22.9
12,39:11.720N,119:44.750W,4697F,TA,12 CarsnCtR2,09/27   23.0
13,41:33.160N,120:09.980W,4623F,TA,13 CedrvllR4,01/19   22.8
14,36:32.990N,117:48.180W,9280F,T,14 CerroGrd8,North R/F
15,40:16.940N,121:14.470W,4525F,TA,15 ChesterR4,05/23   22.8
16,38:00.200N,117:46.160W,4800F,T,16 CoaldalVR,OAL STATN
17,37:12.120N,118:28.570W,9988F,TL,17 CotFltsR7,14/32   22.8
18,39:22.000N,120:21.000W,7070F,T,18 DonnrSmt7,
19,40:03.980N,118:33.910W,3904F,TA,19 DrbLvlckR,01/19   22.8
20,41:18.460N,120:02.530W,4500F,TL,20 EaglvllR3,17/35 22.9
21,40:26.000N,119:26.520W,4085F,TL,21 EmprFarm5,E/W Road
22,40:09.960N,119:52.980W,4000F,T,22 Flanigan2,S of RR int
23,38:51.450N,119:54.000W,10881F,T,23 FreelPkU4,
24,38:55.450N,117:57.540W,4547F,TA,24 Gabbs  R2,08/26   22.9
25,40:38.910N,119:21.430W,3950F,T,25 GerlachE9,SW of RR int
26,37:46.500N,118:42.600W,11120F,T,26 GlassMtn9,
27,38:32.660N,118:38.060W,4215F,TA,27 HawthrnR2,05/23   22.8
28,40:08.330N,120:10.730W,4060F,TL,28 HerlongR8,Land W of X
29,38:36.720N,119:00.130W,4950F,TL,29 HltnRncR1,FlyingMRc
30,39:47.060N,120:04.280W,4760F,T,30 HlljhJnct,RVR & RT 70
31,37:57.500N,119:06.390W,6802F,TA,31 LeeVnngR3,14/32   22.9
32,41:14.410N,120:31.560W,4420F,TA,32 Likely R4,06/24
33,38:25.270N,118:46.080W,8031F,WT,33 LuckyBPss,
34,37:37.440N,118:50.270W,7128F,TA,34 MmmthLksR,09/27   22.8
35,39:17.540N,120:02.080W,8742F,T,35 MartisPk9,
36,38:23.000N,118:06.060W,4552F,TA,36 Mina   R2,13/31   22.9
37,39:00.000N,119:45.120W,4718F,TA,37 Minden R1,12/30   23.05
38,40:29.280N,121:30.310W,10457F,T,38 MtLassen9,
39,39:14.200N,120:08.300W,8620F,T,39 MtPlutoU2,Northstar
40,39:20.400N,119:55.000W,10776F,T,40 Mt RoseU3,
41,36:34.900N,118:17.700W,14490F,T,41 MtWhitny7,
42,39:49.240N,120:21.260W,4894F,TA,42 NervinoR2,07/25   22.8
43,38:06.200N,119:03.230W,6780F,T,43 NMonoLkU7,T IntDirtRds
44,39:35.370N,119:55.710W,8266F,T,44 PeavinPk3,Radio Twr
45,39:39.100N,119:27.850W,8035F,T,45 Pond PkU5,
46,40:01.000N,120:48.100W,7711F,T,46 Qncy E U7,
47,39:56.630N,120:56.810W,3415F,TA,47 Quincy R3,06/24   22.7
48,40:48.190N,120:21.980W,5299F,TA,48 RavendlR4,Powerlines
49,39:11.830N,119:29.370W,8340F,T,49 Rawe PkU6,
50,39:40.040N,119:52.520W,5046F,TA,50 RenoStdR2,08/26   22.8
51,40:28.160N,118:18.410W,4150F,T,51 RyePatch4,Fields 8SW
52,37:23.020N,118:10.880W,1002F,T,52 Schulman6,T O to Loop
53,38:55.830N,118:48.350W,4200F,T,53 Schurz U8,Marginal
54,39:34.860N,120:21.260W,4984F,TA,54 SiervlDR3,03/21   22.9
55,41:22.960N,119:10.140W,4494F,TA,55 SldrMdwN1,18/36
56,41:07.410N,119:08.310W,4150F,TA,56 SldrMdwN2,Land N/S
57,39:24.200N,119:15.110W,4269F,TA,57 SlvrSprng,05/23   22.9
58,40:39.010N,120:46.110W,5116F,TA,58 SpaldngR4,16/34   22.9
59,39:10.800N,120:16.100W,9010F,T,59 SquawVOR7,
60,40:52.130N,118:44.060W,4068F,TL,60 SulphurR6,07/25   E49
61,40:22.610N,120:34.380W,4148F,TA,61 SusnvllR3,07/25   22.8
62,38:30.280N,119:13.080W,6868F,TA,62 SwetwtrR3,18/36
63,37:53.800N,119:13.400W,10000F,T,63 TiogaPss5,
64,38:03.610N,117:05.230W,5426F,TA,64 TonopahR1,11/29   23.0
65,38:43.360N,119:27.850W,4990F,TL,65 TopazntR4,FlyinMouse
66,38:21.333N,119:31.133W,6800F,TL,66 USMCSTOL8,Marginal
67,39:28.340N,120:02.380W,8444F,T,67 VerdiPkE9,
68,37:01.330N,118:00.380W,11123F,T,68 WaucobMt8,
69,39:32.399N,120:11.202W,8140F,T,69 WhiteHous,CH1.000
70,37:38.070N,118:15.280W,14246F,T,70 WhitMtPk7,
71,40:53.800N,117:48.350W,4304F,TA,71 WinnmccR2,02/20   22.8
72,39:00.250N,119:09.470W,4378F,TA,72 YerngtnR1,01/

end of TP


Briefing Prep


Big Picture.

NOAA 4 K IR Sat Loop –

NOAA 4 K Sat Loop – Moisture –

AccuWeather Moisture – Sat –

Discussion – Reno NWS –

Local Wx

Wunderground fcst –

Accu Wx fcst –

Print – Reno Daily Soaring Forecast –

Upper Air Charts

Alex from Avenal charts –

– coolweather products –

– Alex RASP pages –

  • Reno Area Fcst Discussion
  • Upper Air (coolweather products)
  • GOES images
  • etc!!!

Print each of these:

  • Thermal Updraft Velocity
  • BS Ratio
  • H Crit
  • BL top
  • BL Wind
  • BL Max Up/Down (Convergence)
  • Cu cloudbase – pot>0
  • OD Potential
  • CAPE





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