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VSA members flying from Williams typically use this page when they are planning to fly.  A special page is sometimes used for weather links in other locations (see menu items: Other/ Other Wx).

As a pilot using this page, you can see what the soaring conditions will be, thus enabling you to select the best day to fly, plan how long you will be in the air and how far you will travel.  This is a page that should be a part of every pilot’s preflight.

Links specific to WSC

RASP – Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction –

RASP is Dr Jack’s high resolution model, run by Andy Hogben -EH, for benefit of VSA pilots.  I -PK used Dr Jacks standard menu page and updated it so it links to Andy’s products.

The following locations are represented by numbers on the RASP products:
1 = Williams
2 = Goat
3 = Black Butte
4 = Yolla Peak
5 = Hayfork
6 = Crazy Creek

RASP –  Today and Tomorrow (WSC Area)

RASP –  Day After Next (WSC Area)

RASP – Past Two Days  (WSC Area)

Other RASP locations – courtesy of Hollister

  • RASP for Byron and south – be sure to look at the products under the “Loop” column – very impressive! – especially if you observe the convergence lines! How easy is to follow those lines? I hope it doesn’t take the ‘joy of discovery’ out of soaring for you. With those products, you can really decide where you may be capable of traveling to.
  • RASP for Sierra Range

Links to other BLIP pages:

  • BLIP Overview Page – Select “Regional Maps” for charts with descriptions.
  • BLIP Viewer – For California and Nevada  (Important Note: If you are not able to load an image from this link – first go to the above link (BLIPMAP Overview Page), and Register!, and then you will be able to use this shortcut link.
  • NAM/ETA Model BLIPMAP – Scroll down on this page see NEWS, Info on registration, maps, etc, selection of products, descriptions, etc.

Where is Williams on BLIPMAP? – Find San Francisco Bay Area, go up the coast line to Point Reyes (first little finger) and draw a line to NE border of California (where CA-NV-OR meet). WSC is on the west edge of the valley – a bit east of the first 500 ft contour line. For a second intercept line, find Lake Tahoe and draw a line from the extreme north shorline to Point Arena (the first point north of Point Reyes).

On a Satelitte Photo?  – Williams is in Colusa County (which is similar in shape to the state of Wyoming). See the “W” on this graphic…


BLIP Spot for Williams – Latest info for overhead WSC and forecast

Soundings Links specific to WSC

  • Forecast Soundings – Instruction on how to see the forecast soundings for later in the week (you need to be running Java):
    • Go to this link: http://rucsoundings.noaa.gov/
    • Select GFS (for more than 15 hrs and up to 5 days into the future)
    • Start Valid Time: Remove the check from the “Latest” box, and enter the date and time you desire.  For example: enter date for two days from now at 11AM (18z = 11 AM)
    • Number of hours: enter 8 (using 18z, you will then get three soundings (11 AM, 2 PM and 5 PM))
    • Name: enter lat, long – cut and paste the lat, long for one of these turn points
      • WSC          39.1633,-122.1316
      • 3 Sisters   39.0718,-122.1958
      • Walker     39.0555,-122.2919
      • Goat          39.1537,-122.4254
    • Select Java Based Plots and then see your desired soundings
  • Previous day (Actual) soundings – Instructions on how to see the Actual sounding from the previous day:
    • Same link as above:
    • Select Op 40
    • Start Valid Time: Remove the check from the “Latest” box, and enter the date and time you desire.  For example: enter yesterday’s date. and 21z for 2 PM
    • Number of hours: enter 5
    • Enter lat, long data – see above paragraph
    • Select Java Based Plots and then see your desired soundings

Graphic from NWS (Sacto) Illustrating:  Temp, Dew Point, Winds, Etc. (future and past), thanks Pat Alford:

Current data –

Forecast Chart Models –

  • Golden Gate
    • NCEP upper air charts  – 16 day fcst at all levels.  Use the /GFS model/ North America/ Loop All/ for 18Z, for whichever product you want to review.
        • The 700 mb product is 10.000 ft and indicates heavy moisture in dark green, and has wind arrows.
        • The 500 mb is 18,000 ft and indicates steering forces with vorticity in colors, and has wind arrows.
  • wunderground.com/ – See the tab labeled “Maps and Radar”   This service presents a wider variety of products and the “Aviation Maps”  are in a different format than the UNIYSYS charts as listed above.

NWS Forecasts by Zone, in Text format –

Soaring Forecast for Reno

Sat Photos 

Conversion of C to F

Conversion/ equivalents of temps C to F. Some memorable pairs:
10C=50F 15=59 28=82 35=95 40c=104f
or recall any one of these references:

20=68, 25=77, 30=86, etc.

To adjust, add 1.8 to the F for each 1 deg change in C
The Relationship: each change of 5C, equals a change of 9F

Other weather pages

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