Updated 01/25/2019

RASP – Williams, aka 2 Day —

  • The 2 Day RASP is the most accurate forecasting tool available to glider pilots at Williams

RASP – NorCal, aka Panoche, aka 7 Day —

  • The 7 Day RASP is very helpful since it provides a longer range forecast, but is said to be less accurate than the 2 Day.


  • Select any region in the USA.  Zoom in and pan to our gliding area.  Helpful for flights of greater than normal distances.

GG – Golden Gate —

  • GPS model (top section) is 12 hour increments.  ‘700mb/  at 12z/  All’ is commonly selected and used to show moisture at 10,000 ft. – From WSC pages –,38.177,-122.149,7,i:pressure,m:eKqacLA

  • Helpful for seeing the big picture, and, you can see forecast weather profiles, including soundings.

Discussion by National Weather Service –

  • Also, see…
  • The San Fran station has an ID of MTR ( see it at the end of the address line above re:Discussion)
  • The Sacamento NWS has an ID of STO

7 Day forecast NWS7-Day Forecast for Latitude 39.15°N and Longitude 122.13°W (Elev. 72 ft) – This is a good one that provides fcst several days more than the 2 Day Williams RASP, but most pilots agree the 2 Day Williams RASP is THE most accurate for a one day forecast.


It seems major changes have occurred in the world of weather forecasting.

  •  The GPS weather model is proving to be unreliable for forecasts more than four days.  The European model is the best available.
  • provides just about all of the info you need for a forecast of more than two days – if you become adept at using menu choices, it’s like watching a TV show. See pressure patterns at all levels, moisture, temps, thus clouds as well as precipitation. Simply amazing. It’s no wonder why UNISYS was forced to shutdown – it was in need of a major overhaul.




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