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DRAFT – 7/10/2019

I’ve decided to move the VSA website into the 21st century .  We started as a blog (before they were called blogs), but it was simply a personal diary.  I would write reports and solicit other pilots to contribute their narratives via emails, and i would subsequently publish them on the “VSA website”.  The company that provided me with internet service in the 1990’s hosted our early Diary Pages, which later evolved into the VSA website which we have today.  A couple of decades later, we all recognize websites are simply static pages they may need an occasional update, but there is no need for all of these static pages.  The are akin to old encyclopedias.  Granted those pages do document our history, but the VSA has evolved.  WSC has a well  operated dynamic site, and a bulletin page – a forum, for reporting the news.



We have never been a blog and we have always been present on the internet as a webpage – not because we  were trying to recruit new members, or sell products.  It was just that we never evolved.

Now a days, a web site

I’m working on this page because I want our (the VSA, that is) improve our presence on the internet.

Nice to have a recorded history, but we lost some of the records when there were changes to our servers

Announcement of pending changes to the VSA web site.




The VSA does have a presence on the world wide web – the internet.

We started with printed newsletters,

We created a database of names and addresses of people who were interested in glider flying.   It has But do we need to maintain It’s time for a change.

This web site has served a good purpose, but now, it’s time to reevaluate.

What is the purpose of having a website?  Does the Valley Soaring Association need to have one?

I could go through our history since we organized and formed the VSA in 1985, but why bother?


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