2018 Races

Rules Finalized February 2018

The VSA Race Series was started in 2004 and even though there have been substantial changes and variations over the years it remains a popular event.

The 2018 Race schedule is published as follows allowing pilots to plan their soaring events for the season.


The Rules for 2018

1.  Pilots will choose 1 or 2 of the possible 26 published tasks to fly for the day.

2.  The gate will automatically open 15 minutes after the last participating pilot launches.

3.  Pilots will radio the task number and their start time immediately after their start.

  • If pilot restarts, they will radio the new start time.
  • If pilot changes the task being flown, they will radio the new task number.  Changes are allowed while on course, but they must be announced.

4.  Normally, a one mile radius cylinder will be used around every turn point. The start and finish will be five mile cylinders. There are no upper or lower limits to the start or finish cylinders.  The diameters of the turn points “may be adjusted by the CD” depending on the weather for the contest day.

5.  Flight logs must be submitted to the scorer by 6pm.  Pilots must state which course number(s) was/were flown.

6.  The pilot with the fastest handicap speed for the day will be called the daily winner and the remaining pilots will be scored by their percentage of the winner’s handicap speed using the published 2018 SSA Handicap List.

7.  No points for incomplete tasks.

8.  During the series each pilot must complete at least 1 100K task, 1 200K task, 1 300K task over the course of the series to be scored for the season.

9.  Pilot are allowed to fly and receive scored points for up to two different tasks per each contest day.  Pilots do not need to land and take another tow. They may start the second task with a radio call. Theoretically,  a pilot could come in both first and second on a given day, thus receiving 1,000 points for the first task and 950 or so for the second task (assuming two different tasks were completed).

10.  The best 7 scores for the season, of each pilot, will be used to calculate the series winners. This total of these best seven flights must include at least one flight in each task size (100, 200, 300).  Select your task(s) from the list below (Our thanks to Darryl for updating this task list).

Rex has the final say for any rules or safety related issues.

Tasks for 2018 Race Series

Published Distance for each task:

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