2017 Races

Date of last update: 11/26/2017

This page serves as the historical record of the VSA Race series for 2017.

The VSA Race Series was started in 2004 here at WSC. With a single exception (2016) we have raced every year – that’s a total of twelve years that The VSA Race Series has been conducted at Williams.  The Race has always been appreciated as a day of fun flying, an opportunity to have social  events, and a day for learning experiences for even the more experienced pilots.

Details of the contest

  1. The schedule of the Contest Days , and follow on report of the outcomes:

    March 18 – Practice Day — Cancelled due to weather.

    March 25 – DAY 1 – Good Race – 1st Place = John C., 2nd Place = Luke A. 3rd Place =  none.
    See Forum for details:

    April 8 – DAY 2 — Cancelled due to weather.
    See Forum for details:

    April 29 – DAY 3Cancelled due to weather.
    See Forum for details:

    May 13 – DAY 4 / Doc Mayes Memorial Contest – 1st Place = Pete Alexander, 2nd = Ray Gimmey,  3rd Place = John Cochrane.
    See Forum for details:

    May 27 – DAY 5 — Good Race – 1st Place = Luke A., 2nd Place = P. Kelly/ Thomas D., 3rd Place = Key D.
    See Forum for details

    July 8 – DAY 6 – Cancelled due to weather.
    See Forum for details:

    July 29 – DAY 7 — Lack of participation.
    See Forum for details:

    August 19 -DAY 8 — Cancelled due to weather/ smoke.
    See Forum for details:

    September 9- DAY 9 — Although it was not the conventional race format of Area Task or Race Task, it was a Race Day.  A very good flying day with lots of participation and long distance flights.  We did not score the day, since we did not establish race parameters, but it was a day of record flying for several people with six pilots flying over 300 km each and half of them flying twice that distance – at over 600 km each.
    See Forum for details:

    October 7th  – RACE DAY #10 / OKTOBERFEST —
    Weak thermals that did not go very high.  OLC was used to score the day.  Winner has not yet been determined.
    See Forum for details:

  2. We don’t have a CD designated for the Race Series this year, thus it is important that pilots read and post to Williams Today.  Pilots planning to participate on a scheduled Race Day should post their intentions to race (or not to race) on the Forum (aka: Williams Today).  IF you are not going to be there, then PLEASE speak up.  Rex and Noelle are doing their best to provide tow planes and tow pilots for the Race Series.  Participating pilots are encouraged to review the weather forecast and post their comments the night before.  Also, if you do plan to race, then plan to attend the pilot meeting and discuss possible task options for the day.
  3. Task details will be finalized by pilots in attendance on the day of the race.
  4. One class will be raced, using the most recent SSA Sports Class handicap list.
  5. Either a Turn Area Task (TAT) or a Modified Area Task (MAT) will be declared.
  6. Declared tasks should follow SSA guidelines for regional competitions.  The following sub paragraph applies to TATs.   This is a small quote from a long set of task calling considerations that pilots should read.  See contest rules on this link:   http://www.ssa.org/ContestRules
    • It is important to look at the minimum and maximum possible distances. In general, the shortest possible distance should be really short – about how far a pilot would fly in the declared minimum time if he maintained half the winner’s estimated speed. The longest possible distance should be almost impossible to achieve in the minimum time, requiring perhaps 150% of the winner’s estimated speed.
  7. The most recent Williams Turnpoint Database will be used.  It is available at the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange: http://soaringweb.org/TP/NA.html#US_CA
  8. GPS flight recorder will be used to validate scores, and a digital flight record will be submitted to the scorer/ office within 30 minutes of landing.
  9. Launch time is at the discretion of each pilot and the sequence or order of launch will be determined by use of the signup board if necessary.
  10. The Gate will be opened at the time agreed at the pilot meeting.
  11. Scoring:  In the event that a pilot does not complete the assigned task, Distance Points will be awarded, since the soaring program automatically computes all points.  Routinely 1000 points are awarded daily, however, since this is a single day, fun contest, and the SSA Winscore program may apply devaluation formulas for short tasks, or many land outs, the highest number of total points, rather than a total of 1,000 points will determine the winner.

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