Race Day 7

Day 7 Task
July 18th

Task B was chosen
Start: Tree Farm 5 mile radius 10K top of gate
1st: T15 20 mile radius
2nd: Goat Mountain 10 mile radius
3rd: Black Butte 10 mile radius
4th: Rumsey Gap 15 mile radius
Finish: WSC

Congratulations VSA Race Day 7 Winner Luke Ashcraft

1st Place Luke Ashcarft with a raw speed of 75.81 mph & handicapped speed of 65.89 mph
Raw distance of 239.07 and handicapped distance of 207.80

2nd Place Ray Gimmey with a raw speed of 74.69 mph & handicapped speed of 63.12 mph
Raw distance of 230.72 and handicapped distance of 194.96

5 privates flew today with 3 contestants going through the start gate.

2 completed the task.

2015 Season Totals

Day 7 Totals

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