2013 Race

The VSA Race Series has been a popular event since it was started in 2004. It has been modified nearly every year, and this year is no exception.  The Race has always been appreciated as a day of fun flying, an opportunity to have social events, a day for learning experiences, an opportunity to compete, and a day to experience the many aspects of the sport of soaring.

The Contest Director (CD):

  • may call two classes, based on who is flying that day
  • will provide a list of possible tasks
  • will confer with the task committee ( the first three pilots in the air)
  • after conferring, the CD will specify which tasks the pilots may choose that day (for example, the CD may announce: “pilots may choose tasks #7, #8, or #9”

The Participants:

  • will fly one of the tasks specified for that Race Day
  • must submit a task card and a flight log ASAP after landing (handicaps will be applied)
  • winning pilot is expected to describe the flight and should explain why they were able to win

The Schedule

Races will be held on the following days:

  • Saturday March 16th VSA Race Day – WARM UP
  • Saturday March 30th – 1st Race Day
  • Saturday April 13th – 2nd Race Day
  • Saturday May 11th – 3rd Race Day and (Doc Mayes contest this day as one day contest)
  • Saturday August 24th – 4th Race Day
  • Saturday September 21st – 5th Race Day
  • Saturday October 5th – 6th Race Day and Oktoberfest


The data base of turn points used in the race series is published by John Leibacher on the Worldwide Soaring turn point Exchange, located at http://soaringweb.org/TP/NA.html#CALIF   The data file for the 2013 VSA Race Series is called “wsc12a″.

The start gate will be a cylinder and details will be specified by the CD.

Pilots must fly within one statute mile (sm) of each turn point.

The finish line will be crossing overhead the runway at Williams and all finishes will be from the west to the east.

The task distance that is published on the task list will be used to compute the task speed.

Points will not be accumulated for a season winner.

Task Info

Here are some examples of tasks that the CD may use.  The CD may create other tasks as well, using the current WSC database (“wsc12”).

Sample tasks

Sample tasks


There is a  See You Cup file for this list, and that file also includes all of the turn points that are in the current WSC database.  Visit the WSC Today pages (aka the Forum) and download the file from there.  Here is the link to that thread…


Graphic illustrations of some of the task









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