Soaring Society of America (SSA)

Visit the home page of SSA at the SSA web site at….


See Sailplane Tracker on the SSA pages at…

Notes about the Tracker Page:

  • Click on “Accept” on the intro page, if asked.
  • If there are not any flights operating on the current day you may look at a previous day by clicking/ toggling the date backwards on the bottom left of the Tracker Page (pause between clicks, since it takes a half second to load the data for each new day).
  • When you see a circle on the map over WSC, click/ select it. You will see Williams highlighted in the left column.
  • Click on the arrow on the right edge of the Williams Box.
  • Hit the “Play” symbol on the map.  Increase the playback speed using +
  • If the displayed glider doesn’t leave the airport, it means he didn’t launch.
  • Gliders must be carrying an operational “SPOT” tracker and be registered on the SSA site, otherwise they do not show up.
  • SPOT devices issued by WSC apparently are all on the same account and thus you will see many confusing lines returning to WSC during each each flight that is carrying a WSC SPOT.

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