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All reports are now found under the heading of “Flight Stories” (see right margin of this page). The reports are just fun to read.  Enjoyable adventure stories.  They may even be examples of blatant bragging about a noteworthy accomplishment (in the author’s mind, at least) of man’s triumph over nature.  But such bragging doesn’t make them less enjoyable to read. Being able to travel far, or high,  or remain above the terra firma for a longer than usual time, etc. in a glider is always noteworthy. Some reports are uplifting ( pun intended) while others are a study in the fragility of the ego, or the obnoxious nature of our soaring pilot turned author.

The writer may be describing someone another pilot’s experience or it may be a report of their own experience.  Some may be an admission of a screw up, or a means to  convey a point that the author thinks is important to your flight safety.  In all cases it is a report that the author believes that you will find it worth reading (that is why he/she  took the time to write the report in the first place).

Take a look at these reports and make your own reports or comment on previous postings.  Many of these reports were first published, and then copied from other locations including RAS, Williams Today, Hollister/ Byron discussion postings, SSA publications, etc.

The postings in this folder are presented with the hopes that some part of the report/ discussion will provide a teaching point of some kind.  Maybe some point in each story will help you to fly better.  The report may highlight the importance of knowledge, technique, practice, and/or experience, etc. and will end up helping you or others to enjoy soaring to the fullest.

As Administrator, I am allowing each and every member of VSA to act as an editor.  As such, every member of VSA may post to any page on this site.  (If you don’t have or don’t remember your user name and password, then send me an email and I’ll send it to you – Peter.)  If you don’t have the time to post yourself, but have a story to report or share, then send me an email and I will post your story for you.

The concept of creating flight reports is a tried and true method of sharing the enjoyment we derive from our soaring flights.  It is more convenient for pilots to simply post the reports on the pages of “Williams Today”. Occasionally I will copy material from those pages and create a more permanent web page, and add it here to our VSA web site.

As webmaster, I index each of the web pages I create by using the year as the first part of each title.  See the list in the  column to the  right.

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