2017 To Mt Shasta

By Peter Kelly

ver 9.12.17

This was a flight from Williams, to Mount Shasta and return on a nearly cloudless, but smokey day in late August 2017. Although many pilots had flown this route before, this flight was one of the most unusual due to the long glides, minimum amount of circling that was required to stay aloft and the spectacular You Tube video that was created after the flight.

aloft Late in the day, there were internet postings by other pilots that tomorrow might be a good soaring day. I reviewed the forecast, noted that the ASG32 glider at Williams Soaring Center would be available for me to fly, and I then coordinated with Thomas D to fly as my co-pilot.

Thomas is an accomplished pilot so it’s good to have him aboard on long flights such as these, especially considering:

  • it would be a hot day, and
  • the ship is not equipped for high altitude, and thus
  • we will probably be flying above 10,000 without oxygen.

Besides helping with the flying, Thomas was invaluable as a sounding board in the decision making process throughout the flight.

A few minutes before noon on Monday  8/28/17 we were towed into the air and were on our way. Some six hours later we landed back at Williams after having flown over 550 kilometers, snapping photos of the Trinity Alps and Mt Shasta along the way. Since this is more of a photo journal than a written story, I will present screen shots of some of my many photos as well as a provide a video.  Follow along on these pages on our flight to Mount Shasta and return:


Chapter 1 – Preflight, Short Launch, and a Long Tow, followed by the trip up to the Trinity Alps.

Chapter 2 – The Picturesque Trinity Alps

Chapter 3 – Mt Eddy, smoke to the north, and the magnificent Mount Shasta

Chapter 4 – The long glide home


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