Social Media

By Peter Kelly

Revised 3/18/2016

Web pages are still useful but what percentage of our pilots still use desktop or even lap top computers for other than researching or composing?  Social Media does provide short cuts to communications, but it’s just too limited for most of us.  The Forum and the VSA web pages are most useful for either:

  • prepare for your next glider flight
  • report on your own or review previous flights of others
  • provide continuity of stories within the community

What did we do before we had electronic screens to display words and images?
During the first 15 years of so, the VSA printed and then distributed monthly newsletters trough the US Postal Service from the mid 80’s to the mid-90’s. Postage stamps were becoming increasingly expensive, and it was a lot of effort by several volunteers to format, print and make copies.  The Internet came along and posting and web pages prevailed for these past 15 years, but it appears that (to some extent) social media is now replacing the use of web pages. Maybe one of those new social media forms will soon be replacing these static web pages.

The VSA may be looking for someone, anyone, who is willing to start up a VSA presence on Social Media – you can convince every one to use it as well, but which system would be best for the VSA to use?
If you are familiar with social media and you think it would be useful for VSA to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Snap Chat, etc. then let’s talk. I readily admit that I don’t use social media (at this time) and I presently don’t have any interest in going into social media myself, thus I’m virtually unfamiliar with the lot of them.  But, I am quite willing to assist you in any way that would be helpful to get VSA established on those networks.  You can readily link the social media to this existing web site, if you feel  that would be helpful, and you are certainly welcome to use any and all material published on our existing VSA web sites and place them on the social media pages.

Contact me via email, and tell me what you think would be good for VSA when it comes to social media.  I’ll support you in any way I can.

Peter Kelly

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