The purpose of the VSA hasn’t changed since our inception.
We are here to share the enjoyment related to flying gliders.

The VSA provides a means for pilots to interact with each other, and the community in general. It’s not enough for each of us to practice and demonstrate the refined skills that allow us to fly freely like an eagle, soaring for hours above the earth, and then returning confidently to the airport. As pilots, we enjoy talking to each other about our triumphs over nature, and sharing our recent discoveries in this infinitely variable, and endlessly challenging sport. We learn from each other, and enjoy hearing about flights by other pilots. The Valley Soaring Association (VSA) is composed of pilots, and friends of pilots, who enjoy sharing this wonderful sport.

The Association is hosted by Williams Soaring Center (WSC), located in Williams, California, about 45 miles north of Sacramento, along Interstate Highway 5. Although many pilots of the association fly from various glider ports throughout California and Nevada, we all have have a common interest in the Williams Soaring Center.  Strictly volunteer, the Association is composed of annual average membership of 50 to 100 pilots. Members of this nonprofit association contribute their time and energy to maintaining the organization, newsletters and web pages.  We organize and promote various soaring events at Williams.   All newcomers are welcome – experienced or not!

 Do you want to become a member of VSA or renew your membership?

Since we don’t have our own postal mailing address, the VSA uses WSC as a point of contact.  The owners of WSC have agreed to respond  (via phone or email) to all inquiries about VSA.  If you would like to join the VSA, we need your contact info and the payment of the dues.

Phone or email VSA, c/o WSC, at either 530-473-5600 or info@williamssoaring.com

Send a check in the amount of $20 – (or pay via credit card on the phone (WSC will transfer your payment over to VSA)).

Info we need for our membership records: your name, email and phone number.  Send your info via email to make it easier for everyone, including yourself.

Here is the mailing address for VSA, in care of WSC:

2668 Husted Road
Williams, CA 95987


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