Lots to tell you about the VSA, considering we have been operating continuously since 1985.

The VSA doesn’t have a product to sell or to promote and we offer no services. We exist because we all enjoy the sport of flying gliders (also called sailplanes). Many of us own our own ships, but many also rent the ships we fly from our host glider port. We rely on our host for getting into the air via a tow by a powered airplane (there is the exception – one or two ships have a small motor).

Most of us fly gliders with only a single seat, thus concern for passengers is not a factor. We fly to enjoy the challenge of traveling vast distances, and remaining aloft for five or six hours at a time, all this after releasing from a tow into the air which lasts about 15 minutes.

To see all of the info about VSA that is presented on this web site, simply browse the pages.

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