2018 Wave to San Francisco

The Material presented on this  page was (mostly) copied directly from The Williams Today News forum.  A few comments added here and there  (under the guise of “editorial license”)  for “web page editing” by Peter Kelly.
Each of the participating pilots contributed to the posting, namely: Kempton Izuno and David Moruzzi in the two place Schleicher ASH-25, and  Ramy Yanetz in the single seat Schleicher ASG-29.   See the original posting on Williams Today at…

Oktoberfest 2018 Wave

Photo of FNX over Marin County, October 7, 2018, by Ramy Yanetz

Photo of Schleicher ASH-25, call sign “FNX”, over Marin County, October 7, 2018, by Ramy Yanetz,


Kempton begins this posting on Saturday 9/29/2018, a week prior to the actual flight, stating in part “…I plan to be at Oktoberfest, so it’s exciting to see the possibility for N wind wave…”.

He concludes this posting six days after the epic flight with a comprehensive final report that starts out

“…Much as it can be futile, I like to predict the future, especially soaring weather! When the predicted weather materializes and it actually works, well, it’s simply amazing…”.

Be sure to read the entire posting. Kempton also posted some great photos.

In the initial posting Kemp provides scads of appropriate graphics in order to illustrate the conditions that were supposed to happen a week later.  He sees the potential for another epic glider flight down to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Hidden in those charts is the lift that will allow the high altitude flight to happen.

On Thursday 10/4 he again posts a series of graphics, suggesting that Sunday will be the best day to fly.

Kempton refers the reader a previous flight which he had posted in 2016   https://www.williamssoaring.com/news/showthread.php/824-Wave-Watch-Sun-May-1  .  That posting was also made into a VSA web page which you can see here on this server at: https://www.valleysoaring.net/flight-stories/2016-430-kemptons-wave-flight-in-fnx/

The next post on this current thread comes from David several days after the flight. David writes, in part:

Thursday, October 4th – I received a text from Kempton 9:21PM – “was wondering if you might be interested in flying on Sunday. It would be a 6-7 hour wave mission from Goat over San Francisco and return.”

I was stoked.

Since joining the community at WSC I have been fascinated by the long flights folks are able to complete. Particularly, the wave flights Kempton has detailed on the forum. I refer to Kempton as Magellan amongst my friends for the way he continually adds and refines his “wave map”.

Sunday – 10/7/2018
Wave Flight from WSC to San Francisco to WSC
Kempton Izuno / David Moruzzi
Launched: 8:05AM
Landed: 3:19PM

Use known wave locations to push south to San Francisco. While in route, scout out and confirm less documented wave locations. Stitch all wave locations together to form a contiguous wave route between Goat Mountain and San Francisco.

Wave locations:
Mt St Helena
Mt Tam (aka lochness)

Davis closes his post with the following and a series of high quality photos:

In particular for this weather pattern:

Believe in the wave (it will be there ) if the weather pattern is correct
Fog in Round Valley to the NW of Goat is a good indicator weather is similar to past attempts.

Before the flight, my longest solo flight was ~3.5hrs – After completing a 7hr flight, I realize there is much more out there for me to obtain. My goal is to be in one of the extra ships when others soar the wave map.

Flying next to Ramy – see attached photos – was amazing. Kempton and Ramy were “in the mission” and made things look easy, fun and safe.

Thank you Kempton and Ramy for having me along. Amazing!

Quotes of the journey:
“The mountains have not moved in 10,000 years” – “We’re making too much money, stop making so much money”

Screen captures by Peter Kelly of the Flight Line Webcam at WSC (thank you Larry Roberts for the webcams)…

Tow planes and gliders positioning for takeoff at 7:39 AM


Minutes before launch


Photos presented by David on the post have been screen copied by Editor and repeated here.  They tell the story in photographic form, and in a beautiful manner.  The pilots were all up before sunrise in order to accomplish this remarkable flight.  David begins the photos with an artistic, early morning view of the eastern sky over the roof of the Mayes homestead at the WSC Gliderport:

An image of the ground fog in Round Valley, some 40 miles NW of WSC Gliderport is captured here by David, just after release from the tow plane.  Kemp says this fog is a telltale sign that when the air is stable near the source of the lift, and there are strong winds blowing within the stable air mass, across the 10,000 year old ridge lines, then there will be standing mountain wave lift.




A unique photo with the Pacific Ocean, Point Reyes National Seashore and Tomales Bay in the background.
“The Wingman” is the world class glider pilot Ramy Yanetz, in his Schleicher ASG-29, call sign – Tang Golf

See the world from over 16,000 feet.  Clockwise from the top left corner:
Mt Diablo, East Bay, Silicon Valley, Monterey Bay on the far horizon in the right, San Francisco Bay,
San Francisco, Golden Gate, and the Marin Headlands.

On Line Contest – OLC – images.
Left to right (or first to last, depending on your viewer):  1.FNX flight on 4/30/2016, FNX flight on 10/7/2018, TG flight on 10/7/2018







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