2018 – To Round Valley







Initial Post flight report – written at 5 PM ish..

Another great soaring day at WSC. RASP was accurate, as far as I could tell. I launched eight minutes later than planned (12:28 vs 12:30, but it worked out ok. Tony did a great job of getting me to Goat at 7,000 ft. I released just before getting to the spine of Goat Ridge and the cu were in sight less than 3 miles to the west.

Cu that were visible 2 to 3 miles east of the goat ridge were exactly as fcsted on RASP. My flight plan had me going north, closer to the Mendos, but instead the clouds went NW, so i followed them.

Climb to from 8,000 in a couple of knots under the first bunch. Bases dropped as i proceeded to the NW under the scattered Cu. It was not a continuous line and I was down to 7,500 abeam Lake Pillsbury.

I was defintely ona cross country flight on this one.  As I initially proceeded north from the first thermal I had to keep

well needed to stay within glide of Round Valley on this one, then Gravelly Runway, then Montgomery Runway, and then, yes, within glide of WSC.


Ran the clouds bases to the north several miles west of round valley , then followed the clouds directly to Anthony, more clouds to follow all the way to Gravelly Vly – at 9,000 headed for the wave that was behind (south side) snow, but couldn’t locate it. Had to conserve all altitude available from the time I left Gravelly, but once past Indian Ranch I picked up almost 1,000 ft extra. So, with the extra altitude I crossed a few miles south of Maxwell as I headed for Colusa and then came home with plenty of altitude – landing to the north in a light 8 kt surface wind. Nice 3 plus hour flight.




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