Awards and Trophies

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The VSA has established several racing trophies, The first one is for the best final glide, and the others are awarded to the pilot flying the fastest handicapped speed over a designated closed course.  The previous winner is required to present the trophy to the new winner if the new winner has achieved a faster handicapped speed.

  1. The Washington Trophy is awarded for the longest, best final glide to WSC.  Best glide is determined as no 360 degree turns and ground speed remains below 100 MPH at all times, during the glide from within on mile of a turnpoint in the WSC database to within one mile of the WSC turnpoint.

 The Washington Trophy looks like this:

(imagine the center of a one dollar bill.)

2. The Jefferson Trophy.  Start is Goat TP, turn Black Butte, finish at Goat.

3. The Lincoln Trophy. Start is Goat TP, turn T-15, finish at Goat.

The Lincoln Trophy looks like this:

LincolnSee details about the Lincoln Trophy here.



4. The Hamilton Trophy. Start is Goat TP, turn Hayfork TP, finish at Goat.

The Hamilton Trophy looks like this:

HamiltonSee details about the Hamilton Trophy here.

5.  The Jackson/ Tubman Trophy.  Start is Goat TP, turn Trinity Alps TP, finish at Goat.

6. The Grant Trophy – (Shasta five mile radius circle)

7. The Franklin Trophy. Start is Goat TP, turn Crater Lake TP, finish at Goat.

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