x-YOU are encouraged to post to this web site

If you’re a member of VSA, then you are authorized – and ENCOURAGED – to post to this web site.  This is your site and it is here for the use of VSA – with emphasis on the point that YOU are the VSA.

We don’t need a list of editors (like I used to have here on this page) because every member of VSA is designated as an “Editor”.  If you are a current member of VSA, and you don’t currently have, or don’t remember your user name and password, then drop me an email and we’ll take care of that right now (I typically read emails about once each day, so give me a bit of time to respond).

The  needed instruction on “how to” do the posting to this site depends on your experience level with computers.  Let me start with this simple” how to”:

To edit your Member Page, or to do any posting to this web site, the first thing you need to do is to sign in:

  • On any one of the VSA pages, scroll to the bottom of the page and look on the right hand side and see the box called “Meta”
  • click on “Log in”
  • A WordPress page will appear, asking for your user name and password.  Enter them (case sensitive) and hit Log In
  • Dashboard Page will appear.  The easiest thing from here is to roll over “Valley Soaring Association” (near the top- just above the word Dashboard), and visit the site
  • now go to Other on the menu, then Members’ Pages/and then click on your page
  • now that you are on your page, click on “edit”
  • Start with the date and write the first line of your entry.
  • If you are going to cut and paste, you will find it easier to paste into the page when you are in “Text” mode, rather than “Visual” mode ( see the tabs Visual/ Text on top right side of your editing block on that page.
  • there are the basics to get you started.


Menus that I expect to attach to this  page will be:

  • An intro to the web site
  • How to sign in
  • How to create a page
  • How to write a blog page
  • etc.

Basically, I am writing the necessary tutorials for each of you to use this web site.

Thanks for your attention,


email is: gliding@sonic.net



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